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Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
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Education Services
Our team of specialists will complete a thorough assessment of your child's educational strengths and challenges. We partner with families, educators and school board personnel to develop a coordinated education plan to assist students with diverse educational needs. Our team supports children with social, behavioural and learning differences. We specialize in learning disabilities and the challenges that mental health disorders can present with respect to learning. We believe that when learning issues are fully addressed, students gain the ability to reach their full academic and personal potential. Our goal is to develop a systematic and structured program based on assessed cognitive and learning profiles.
Service Fees:
Education services are tailored to meet very specific needs of each student. Therefore, fees will vary dependent upon the program requirements.
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Academic support, education planning, tutoring, career coaching, study skills, time management
Education Services Include:

• School advocacy
• On-site consultation
• Educational/transition planning
• Assistive technology training: Dragon Naturally Speaking, WordQ, Kurzweil 3000,
  SMART Ideas, SMART Notebook, Microsoft OneNote
• Consultation during IEP and IPRC meetings
• Customized tutoring
• Academic counselling and career/life coaching
• Teen/adolescent study skills, organizational skills and time management strategies
• Customized group workshops
• Provision of at-home strategies to support learning

Our team also provides specialized services for students with special needs. A wide range of program resources and instructional strategies may be used to support the needs of all learners. For a student with special needs, the process typically involves:

• Gathering of education reports including report cards, Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
  and work samples
• Meeting with parents/advocates and educators
• Thorough assessment of educational strengths and challenges
• Development of strategies to support the teaching and learning process. This may include
  recommendations for differentiated instruction, visual supports, structured learning environment,
  assistive technology, or the integration of a variety of approaches

What is a Learning Disability?

A learning disability is a disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive, store, process, or analyze information. A learning disability is not related to a person's intelligence and there are many different types.

Learning disabilities can differ in level of severity and can affect an individual's ability to participate in:

•  Reading (e.g. knowledge of letter sounds and blends, word reading, decoding,
   and passage comprehension)
•  Writing (e.g. expressive writing, spelling)
•  Oral language (e.g. talking, listening, and understanding speech)
•  Mathematics (e.g. problem solving, computational math)

What is an IEP?

An IEP is an Individual Education Plan. An IEP is a written document that details the special education services and support required for a student. The IEP contains specific learning expectations for the individual student, along with environmental (e.g. quiet work space), instructional (e.g. providing notes ahead of time) and assessment (e.g. reduced number of test pages) accommodations to be made in the classroom. The specific learning expectations are modified from the original curriculum expectations, to meet the student's specific learning needs.

The development and implementation of an IEP involves a team of people, including school staff (teachers and principal) and parents.

How Can Kids Clinic Support Your Child?

There are many ways to support a child with a learning disability. We can help your family to navigate the school system, understand the IEP process, and implement at home strategies to enhance your child's learning. We can provide advocacy throughout the process of identification, IEP development, and implementation of classroom accommodations and curriculum modifications. Our goal is to work with your family, child and school to help your child meet success in his/her learning.
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