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Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
Kids Clinic - family centered and individualized care
Individual and Family Counselling
Counselling services are tailored to meet individual needs. We provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment that focuses on identifying individual and family strengths. Our integrated approach assists individuals and families in reaching their full potential.
Child/Youth and Adolescent Counselling Services:

Kids Clinic provides individual counselling to support children, youth and adolescents. Counselling strategies are personalized to address the needs of each child and family. We specialize in supporting children who have social, emotional or behavioural concerns and utilize various therapeutic approaches such as: cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, behavioural therapies, play and art therapy. Our counselling programs focus on providing parental guidance, understanding parenting styles and family dynamics, strengthening family relationships, providing coping strategies, and enhancing individual development.  In addition we offer:

     • Behaviour management/parenting support and guidance
     • In-home behavioural consultations
     • Referrals to appropriate community agencies
     • Consultations with school support staff

Family Therapy Services:

Family therapy aims to strengthen individuals and the family system together and can provide your family with the skills to effectively manage everyday problems or ongoing concerns. Family counselling places focus on the family as a whole unit, instead of focusing solely on individual problems. Therapists identify family strengths and work with your family to increase cohesiveness and align family values. Your family will explore existing communication patterns, will be encouraged to examine how your family functions and will work together to make positive changes. Family members will be given an opportunity to express their feelings and apprehensions and therapists will work with your family to improve communication and develop problem-solving skills.

The number of family therapy sessions required varies depending on your family's needs. Your family will work with a therapist to establish mutual goals and to set reasonable guidelines to achieve these goals. While it is encouraged that all family members attend counselling, it is not imperative that each family member attend every session. In some circumstances family members may benefit from individual counselling sessions.

Adult Individual and Couples Counselling Services:

Kids Clinic provides counselling services to individuals and couples who may be facing unique challenges individually or within their relationship.  Depending on the needs of the clients, various approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and solution-focused therapy, may be used to help the client feel supported and better understand their problems. Clients will develop skills to elevate their mood, manage stress and anxiety, problem solve and increase their feelings of empowerment.  In working with couples, counselling can explore the dynamics of relational patterns, current communication styles and ongoing cycles of conflict. Counselling interventions place focus on ensuring all individuals feel supported, heard and understood. Counselling aims to reduce tension, build trust between partners, develop positive communication skills and effectively resolve conflict.


What is art therapy and why should I consider it?

Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy. The art therapist offers various art mediums and activities to engage the client, while acting as both facilitator and witness to the participants journey toward self-awareness. Art therapy provides a safe space for self-exploration, self-expression, communication, insight, and creativity. The use of art may allow for expression of thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to communicate. Art therapy sessions cater to the needs of each individual, with the goal of change and resolution. There is always an emphasis on creativity and the therapeutic relationship. The client need not be artistic or creative in order for this approach to be effective.

Why art therapy rather than talk therapy?

Art offers an alternate medium for self-expression. Where verbal communication may be difficult and/or undesired, art therapy may provide a tool to communicate when words are not available or enough, as well as: a safe space for expression of thoughts and feelings, access to unconscious material, opportunities for insight and awareness, documentation of your own progress, opportunities for growth, a chance to be creative, experience feelings of mastery, a sense of accomplishment, and enhanced self-esteem.
Counselling can help your child:

• Enhance their self-esteem and confidence
• Manage anxiety and stress
• Improve academic performance
• Express themselves more effectively
• Manage conflict and develop problem-solving
• Cope with parental separation or divorce
• Cope with loss and/or bereavement
• Manage bullying, teasing or rejection
• Prepare and cope with life changes or
• Develop coping strategies to manage depression 
  or low-mood
• Improve family relationships and minimize
  conflict within the home
• Build positive friendships and develop effective
  social communication skills
• Establish rules and routines at home and
  increase compliance
• Develop organizational and time management
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Improve self confidence, manage anxiety, problem solving, manage conflict and bullying, manage depression
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